RELX Flavour Review: Mint, Ludou, Tobacco, and Lychee


Recently, RELX Vape is very popular, and I have started it myself. Because it is a new product, the pods are a bit less flavourful. There are only 4 when I got it. Two pod of Mint and Ludou Ice was out. I also purchased additional pods with tobacco flavor and Lychee flavor.

Mentos Mint

The Mint flavour pod is a bit cooler than the regular pods, so if you don’t have much exposure to cold vape, you may not be used to them for the first time, but once you get used to them, you will be able to feel the refreshing icy mint flavor and the strong throat hitting sensation.

Ludou Ice

It inherited the good green bean flavour of RELX’s previous pod generation, but personally, I found the green bean smoothies of this generation to be a bit more mellow with a strong aftertaste in the mouth compared to the first generation.

The mung bean smoothie flavor is a little softer and less throat-punching, but should be more suitable for most people’s tastes. So if you’re not sure what to buy, the Ludou Ice flavor is definitely the first choice.

Classic Tobacco

Tobacco flavor is the standard flavor, and Infinity does a moderate with this pod, which is nothing special, but it’s a good one to smoke.




Alpha Lychee


The main ingredients are mango and grapefruit. It seems that this flavor is only available in the Alpha. The mango flavor is a bit stronger when you smoke it, while the grapefruit flavor is more of a base flavor, but you can still feel the aftertaste of the grapefruit when you exhale.
It’s not the main throat hitter, and it’s a bit softer, but the taste is really good.

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