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Drip'n EVO 10K - Green Apple
Drip'n EVO 10K - Green Apple

Drip'n 10K - Green Apple

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Drip'n EVO 10K - Green Apple
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Description Drip'n 10K - Green Apple

Drip’n EVO 10K

Green Apple - A sour bite of crisp green apple makes for a charming vibrant go-to flavour.

Embrace the future of vaping with the Drip’n EVO 10K, a device that redefines the standards of endurance and flavor in the vaping world. Experience up to an astonishing 10,000 puffs with a device engineered for lasting satisfaction.

Key Features of Drip’n EVO 10K:

  • Extended Puff Count: Offers up to 10,000 puffs, setting a new benchmark for device longevity.

  • Innovative Sequential Dual Mesh Coil: Ensures consistent and rich flavor delivery throughout your vaping experience.

  • Ergonomically Designed Mouthpiece: Crafted for comfort, enhancing your vaping sessions with each inhale.

  • Intuitive Battery and E-liquid Indicators: Stay informed about your device’s status for a worry-free experience.

  • Exquisite Sweet Flavors: A delightful array of sweet flavors that cater to your taste buds.

  • Customizable Airflow: Adjust the airflow to suit your preference, ensuring a personalized vape every time.

  • Compact and Portable Size: Measuring 103 x 46 mm, the device is both sleek and easy to carry.

  • Rechargeable Battery for Continuous Use: Fitted with a rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted vaping pleasure.

  • Generous Liquid Capacity: Boasts a 19 mL e-liquid volume, offering ample supply for extended use.

The Drip’n EVO 10K is a testament to vaping innovation, offering unparalleled puff count, flavour consistency, and user-friendly features. It's the ideal choice for vapers seeking a high-capacity, flavour-focused, and convenient vaping solution.

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