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RELX Artist - Indigo Denim
RELX Artist - Indigo Denim
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Description RELX Artist - Indigo Denim

RELX Artist - Indigo Demin: The iconic pod device in the world.

For our Artisan line, RELX aims to uphold the true spirit of timeless craftsmanship. Artisan devices use only the highest quality materials and sophisticated artistry to create products that endure the test of time, products that will last with you across your journeys through the world.

Leather Crafted

Finely crafted for fine living: Meticulously manufactured, the combination of high-quality leather and metal gives this device the texture and feel of a genuine leather craft. 

Soft in the hands, luxurious and comfortable in feeling: The device is crafted with natural or special leather with foam padding inserted between the colour layer and the base cloth, increasing the comfort of the device when held.

Going through quality tests which include 48 hours of high humidity and temperature, 24 hours of contact with cosmetic products,12 hours of contact with sweat, RCA friction tests and plenty more, these devices have completed a full gamut of rigorous quality checks, retaining their unique quality and style through them all. High-density alloy materials are used to increase weight more easily.

Compatible with Pod & Pod Pro & Pod Pro 2


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