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RELX Pods Pro - Menthol Xtra
RELX Pods Pro - Menthol Xtra

RELX Pods Pro - Menthol Xtra (2 Pack)

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RELX Pods Pro - Menthol Xtra
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Description RELX Pods Pro - Menthol Xtra (2 Pack)

RELX Pro Pods - Menthol Xtra:Pods for RELX Infinity, Essential, Infinity Plus and Infinity Artisan


RELX Infinity Essential Pods are specially designed pods that work with the RELX Infinity and Essential Devices, providing users with an enjoyable vaping experience. The RELX Infinity device is a closed-system vape that eliminates the chances of leaking to a significant degree.


  • Compatible with RELX Infinity and Essential Devices
  • 11-layer, maze-like structure for efficient mechanism delivery
  • Enhanced protection against leakage in both your mouth and pockets with RELX Pods Pro
  • Super Smooth™ mouthfeel and everyday reliability
  • Dual-charging design with both built-in pogo pin and USB-C port
  • Charging case for on-the-go charging up to 3 extra days of battery life

Reliable and Affordable

The RELX Essential device is a slightly less feature-packed version of the Infinity, but it still has all the basics you need at one amazing price. Both the RELX Essential and Infinity devices have a lot of similarities, including being compatible with RELX Pods Pro, offering Super Smooth™ Performance, featuring a leak-resistant maze for enhanced protection, charging via a USB-C charging cable, and featuring a design with symmetrical pods.

Experience Enhanced Protection

Get RELX Infinity Essential Pods today and enjoy enhanced protection against leakage and a Super Smooth™ mouthfeel. Buy online now and experience the difference!

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