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Waka DM8000i Watermelon Ice
Waka DM8000i Watermelon Ice

Waka DM8000i - Watermelon Ice

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Waka DM8000i Watermelon Ice
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Description Waka DM8000i - Watermelon Ice

Introducing Waka DM8000i - Watermelon Ice: A Refreshing Splash of Summer

Flavor Paradise:

  • Watermelon Ice: The Waka DM8000i - Watermelon Ice is your ticket to an endless summer, blending the sweet, juicy essence of ripe watermelon with a crisp, cooling finish. This vibrant and refreshing flavour profile promises to deliver a burst of chilled watermelon with every puff, perfect for those hot days or whenever you need a refreshing escape.

Device Features:

  • Customizable Vaping Experience: Tailor your vaping with the simple switch between "Standard Mode" for a smooth, flavorful vapour, and "Boost Mode" for an enhanced, intense taste and vapour production.
    • Standard Mode: Set at a comfortable 10.8W, this mode perfectly captures the delicate sweetness of watermelon with a subtle icy undertone.
    • Boost Mode: Ramp up to 21.6W for a more pronounced watermelon flavour and a stronger icy kick, along with the increased vapour.
  • Long-Lasting Enjoyment: Engineered to last, the Waka DM8000i offers up to 8,000 puffs, ensuring your favourite summer flavor stays with you longer.
  • Generous E-Liquid Capacity: With a 14mL tank filled with the exquisite Watermelon Ice e-liquid, this device is designed for extended vaping sessions without the need for frequent refills.
  • Advanced Coil System: The DUAL MESH coil technology guarantees a consistently smooth and flavorful vape, enhancing the watermelon and ice blend with every inhale.
  • Convenient Charging: Featuring an 850mAh battery and a USB Type-C charging port, the device supports quick recharging, minimizing downtime and maximizing vaping time.
  • Optimized Nicotine Strength: At 18mg/mL nicotine, it strikes the perfect balance, offering a satisfying throat hit that complements the refreshing watermelon ice flavor without overshadowing it.

The Waka DM8000i - Watermelon Ice is more than just a vaping device; it's a celebration of flavor, combining the essence of summer with cutting-edge vaping technology. Whether you're looking to cool down on a warm day or simply indulge in the tantalizing taste of watermelon ice, this device promises a unique and enjoyable vaping experience that captures the essence of refreshment and flavor innovation.

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